Join a Free Snowshoe Trek at Kings Canyon Park

Winter is acting highly wintry, so now is the moment to enjoy this classic crunch-crunch pursuit.

"ALL AGES AND EXPERIENCE LEVELS": It's wise to approach a snowy excursion, like any outdoor pastime of an athletic nature, with a healthy dose of caution. Is the pastime something that requires years of training? Like an event you might see on the Olympics? Does it involve an ice pick and sheer cliffs of glittery, towering wonders? Which seems breathtakingly exciting, at glance, but probably a pursuit that's going to take a major time and life commitment, training-wise? We needn't be daunted by all snow-based fun, however, for there are plentiful cold nature outings that are designed for "all ages and experience levels." And when such an outing is admission-free? You can feel as glittery inside as a sheet of ice or an exquisite snowflake. Such freeness is currently going on, at Kings Canyon, courtesy of the Winter Wonders Snowshoe at John Muir Lodge. Yep, you'll need to rent your snowshoes, and there are nearby spots to do so, and that will cost, but joining the fun? Free as a breeze in a tree. And knowing the snow that's fallen around the mountains during February 2018, you can guess this is a primo time to go, but do know that you'll want to reserve your spot in advance. There are...

A NUMBER OF SNOWSHOE TREKS, on different dates, and 559-565-4251 is the number to call (there are 15 participants, maximum, on each adventure). It has an "Easy" difficulty rating, and is described as "... an outstanding opportunity for doing photography, building winter recreation skills, and learning something new." Did you new year's resolutions drop off a little? Here's something to pump them back up. And if there's no snow, especially as April gets closer, fret not: The snowshoe fun becomes hiking fun, meaning you still get to breathe deeply among the trees and soak in the Kings Canyon splendor.

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