Join the Hammer Museum's ‘Mindful Awareness'

Not traveling this holiday? Travel within each Thursday, via this free Zoom class from Westwood.

anand purohit

GOING INSIDE YOUR MIND? Roaming within the deeper reaches of yourself? Getting reacquainted with the places you haven't seen in some time, the places found within your memory, thoughts, and musings? This is travel, even if it doesn't involve sand between the toes or a woolly winter cap on your head. And it is a journey plenty of people regularly take, daily or weekly, no matter what is happening in the world. Many meditation-hosting places have begun to put their classes online during the coronavirus closures, including a place that may not pop into your mind, right away, when you consider taking time to quiet the eyes, heart, and mind. It's...

THE HAMMER MUSEUM, in Westwood, and while art museums are usually hubs of active looking and thinking, the institution is also known for hosting a weekly Mindful Awareness Meditation. That gathering isn't happening in person these days, but you can find it, each Thursday from 12:30 to 1 p.m., via Zoom. "Mindful Awareness Meditation is the moment-by-moment process of actively and openly observing one’s physical, mental, and emotional experiences," and they're all about prompting people "to live more presently." Diana Winston might lead your class, or another UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center instructor. Eager for a...

DIFFERENT SORT OF ADVENTURE, one that doesn't involve you stepping outside the door, but rather potentially opening a host of deeper doors? Start here.

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