Juicy Times at the Free La Habra Citrus Fair

The sunny shebang begins with a Bubble Parade.

MAYBE, IN YOUR MIND, you're always walking around in some sort of ethereal bubble parade, the sort of merry, high-spirited procession that is thick with floaty, soapy orbs. That's the way you make your grand entrance into a meeting — again, this is all in your mind — and that's the way you saunter into the grocery store to pick up a can of soup. But there actually is a bubble-themed parade out there, and by "out there" we do mean nearby, as in very nearby, as in the northern part of Orange County. It's La Habra we're talking about, and its annual sunshiny, juicy-sweet party, the Citrus Fair. But before the oranges can be peeled, and the bands can play, and the swine show can trot into the spotlight, there is the opening event to the weekend, the oh-so-sweet, kid-perfect...

BUBBLE PARADE: "Silly costumes" and things that make bubbles are the name of the game for the Friday, May 4 event, which starts at 5 in the evening. If your tots can't make it, though, there are several other to-dos throughout the first weekend of May, including a robot rally, a wood car derby, a sheep show, live dance presentations, and all sorts of stuff that make up a true-blue community festival. A bonus? The weather is warming up, after our early May chill, into quite the perfect summer-style weekend. Admission is free, the rides have a fee, and if you want to snack around, do bring some funds for that, good good. For all of your Citrus Fair needs, peel this way, pronto.

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