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Knott's Hotel Has a Splashy Stay-Over Package

Check out Summer Nights at Knott's Berry Farm, then snooze off the fun nearby.

Knott's Berry Farm

CATCHING A FEW WINKS... on the Calico Mine Ride? Snoozing on the Sierra Sidewinder? Dreaming on the Dragon Swing? We can't spend the night at Knott's Berry Farm, but we can stay close to the famous theme park, just a short saunter away, and save, too, while doing so. For the Knott's Hotel is located directly to the south of all the loop-di-loop, spinny-sweet rides we love, making it a stay-the-night choice for families hoping to do a day or two at one of the Golden State's oldest roller coaster-filled realms. It's a place that's famous for its decades-old Ghost Town, all of those adorable Snoopy sightings, and more whimsical ways to enjoy boysenberries than we can fully imagine, and putting in a full day is a common practice for visitors. And many of these visitors? They head for the adjacent hotel for a solid night of deep shut-eye after a big, big, huge day out.

SUMMER NIGHTS VACATION PACKAGE: Summer Nights, the Knott's Berry Farm eveningtime series, just opened for 2022, delivering music, goodies, and other laid-back fun times to guests who stay later. The later-staying people may want to opt to stay nearby, at Knott's Hotel, and book this package, which includes accommodations, Knott's entry ("one day for each registered guest"), and more perks, like a Summer Nights Tasting Card. And this is super-handy, too: Parking at the hotel is part of the deal, too. For everything the package includes, roll, like the Calico Railroad might, by the hotel's Discounts & Specials page now. As for what's happening at the theme park, including Summer Nights, Ghost Town Alive!, and other summer-y celebrations? Yippee-ki-yay: They're all right here.

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