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La Jolla's Legendary Marine Room Adds a Stunning Lounge

Sip something spirited while watching the waves crash at La Jolla Shores.

Haley Hill

What to Know

  • The Lounge at The Marine Room is at 2000 Spindrift Drive in La Jolla
  • The ocean-adjacent dining room celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2021
  • A lounge, graced with large windows and intimate seating areas, debuted in early October 2022

HERE'S A QUIRKY QUIZ: Have more waves dramatically crashed at La Jolla Shores over the last 81 years or have more people laughed, shared a secret, tasted something delicious, or retold an anecdote over a favorite meal? No firm answer is required to this unanswerable question, but we can say, with confidence, that many, many waves have crashed at that spectacular spot while many, many people have enjoyed moments of flavor and fun together since 1941. For The Marine Room boasts a heady combo of both natural beauty — it is perched on the Pacific, and when the tide is right the water below meets the windows above — and tempting dining options. It's where La Jollans, San Diegans, and adventuresome eaters from points far further have gathered for gourmet experiences and the salty spectacle outside, big tides that can inspire glad gasps from within the restaurant. It's also a space that just enjoyed a major refresh, and a new addition: A lounge area that, yes, looks directly at the ocean below.

LOUNGE AT THE MARINE ROOM... is the fresh space, a place where you can sip a Wagyu-Infused Old Fashioned, made in-house, or a Deconstructed Margarita. For those seafoodies dining at The Marine Room, there are small, fish-centric plates to ponder, as well as filet mignon, vivacious vegetable-centered sides, and a Compressed Watermelon Salad. If you're choosing to enjoy the lounge, note that there is minimum of $100 per person, and you'll place a $100 deposit (per person) when you book. Reservations are very much recommended, but walk-ups are sometimes seated, depending upon availability.

A NEW CHAPTER BEGINS: "We're excited to offer our guests an exclusive experience to match our incomparable views of La Jolla Cove and Shores," shared Executive Chef Mike Minor. "The lounge gives us a stage from which to showcase an all-new menu presented in a way that’s engaging, seductive, and creative. It's all about luxury and indulgence in an atmosphere that’s refined but with a vibe that’s more relaxed than diners have known in the past." As for visiting The Marine Room during an always-thrilling high tide? You can keep track of when that will be on the destination's site. Surely this must be one of the only fine restaurants in the world that consistently updates a tide tracker, all to give guests an unforgettable dining (and wave-watching) experience.

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