La Quinta Resort & Club: Vintage Holiday Package

A delightful desert getaway with a holiday cocktail and an ornament, too? You bet.

RUNNING THROUGH THE STREETS... of La Quinta shouting "Merry Christmas, everyone"? That's up to you, if you're feeling that jubilant. But know that if you're reenacting the iconic scene that arrives near the end of 1946's "It's a Wonderful Life," the one that shows George Bailey realizing he's got a second chance, you won't have much snow to dash through. For La Quinta, which is just a short drive from Palm Springs, is a true desert burg through and through, one that enjoys vast blue skies and perfect palms and craggy dramatic hills and the occasional bighorn sheep sighting, too, but no flakes nor drifts nor snowmen. But Frank Capra's tender and timeless film does find festive play at La Quinta Resort & Club, the 91-year-old destination that was favored by Mr. Capra as a prime writing spot. The long-story-short bit? "Wonderful"-ness pervades the resort come the yuletide season, as does a bit of a wayback feel. If both elements appeal, consider booking...

A VERY VINTAGE HOLIDAY... package, which includes luxury accommodations for a night, a holiday cocktail when you arrive, a resort-themed ornament when you depart, and breakfast each day you're there, too. You can spend your days soaking in the sunbeams by the resort's 65-foot-tall Christmas tree on the Plaza or by one of the 41 pools dotting the expansive property or, let's be honest, both. As for the price the package starts at? It's $209. As for what's in the special seasonal sip? It's called the George Bailey, after the character so tenderly played by Jimmy Stewart, and it includes Bailey's Original Irish Creme, white Crème de Cacao, allspice liqueur, and a dash of gingerbread syrup, to lend the beverage a certain Bedford Falls-esque charm.

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