Cherry Valley

Lavender Blooms, Made for Strolling Through, Are on Their Wonderful Way

The annual Lavender Festival will soon add flowery splendor to Highland Springs Ranch & Inn in Cherry Valley.

Highland Springs Ranch & Inn

What to Know

  • Highland Springs Ranch & Inn
  • Cherry Valley
  • May 14-Aug. 1, 2021 (closed Mondays except for Memorial Day)

PURPLE PETALS AND THE MONTH OF MAY? You might immediately think of the word "jacaranda," a wonderful word to think about, for the spectacular trees are seen in full and fabulous bloom, in several Golden State cities, come the fifth month. It's hard not to stop and admire the first blooming jacaranda tree you see as May deepens, because they're so incredibly, well, purple. But there's another California bloomer that also wears a purple-pretty crown around this time of year, and into the start of summertime, too. It's lavender, and while not every community sports a spread of the fragrant herb, a few lucky towns, villages, and ranches are known for their floral fields of lav-y loveliness. It so happens that a place with another bright hue in its name, Cherry Valley, is a notable nexus for all things lavender. Look to...

HIGHLAND SPRINGS RANCH & INN, which will offer "A Walk Through the Lavender Fields" over several 2021 spring and summer weeks. This is a popular, out-in-the-sunshine event, so if you're thinking of making the trip to the destination, which isn't too far from Palm Springs, you'll want to purchase tickets ahead of time. The "Walk"-wonderful happening is closed on Mondays (the exception is Memorial Day), and there are safety guidelines to review before you book your admission. If you'd like to visit in the "pre-bloom" period of May 14-23, admission is free, but you can see the ticket prices for the remainder of the spring and summer here. Good to know? 123 Farm at Highland Springs Ranch & Inn is billed as "the largest organic lavender farm in Southern California," an idyllic destination where over 90 varieties of the iconic herb are grown.

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