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Lavender Fields Are Popping as June Concludes

The Provence field is super-purply at Highland Springs Ranch; other lav-y larks are blooming elsewhere, too.

Baraa Jalahej / EyeEm
  • Highland Springs Ranch & Inn's Lavender Festival is on now (advance tickets available)
  • The Lavender Festival will add flowery fragrance to Ojai on June 25
  • Apple Hill, in Gold Country, is celebrating the scent-sational herb

WHAT'S THE BUZZ? If you're making a beeline for the final days of June, the buzz-buzz could very well be about an elegant herb, one that is long of stem, purple of flower, and incredibly fragrant. It's lavender we're loving upon, of course, and the later part of June is when the field-based blossom reaches its zazzy zenith around certain parts of the Golden State. It doesn't pop up everywhere, of course, but if you know where to go, you might be able to savor a saunter through a full field of flowers, or at least take a sip or bite of some lavender-inspired snacks.

HIGHLAND SPRINGS RANCH & INN, one of the nose-worthy nexuses of this olfactory icon, revealed that the Provence field at its on-site 123 Farm is enjoying a big bloom as summer 2022 begins. Buying your ticket to the property's purple-tastic Lavender Festival in advance is a wise move, and getting to know some of the other offerings is a solid plan, too (like the lavender treats, the Sourdough Bread Festival, and the Winery Tour). It's all happening in Cherry Valley, not too far from Banning, and the festival is open every day but Tuesday through July 31.

OTHER LAV-Y LARKS: The Ojai Valley Lavender Fest opens its pretty petals on Saturday, June 25, and while it doesn't take place in a blooming field — you'll want to head to Libbey Park, which is in town — there will be oodles of lav-centered goodies to shop, from soaps to sachets to whimsical wearables. And around Apple Hill, near Placerville? Lavender Blue Days are adding a zesty touch to the final weekend of June. Several flavorfully fragrant and festive doings are happening, with chances to purchase lavender tasties (think cider, ice pops, and lots more) to opportunities to pick bouquets to take home.

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