Leaf Peepers, ‘Go Now' to Big Bear Lake for Fall Color

The mountain community is reaching its autumn-pretty peak as the last week of October begins.

Visit Big Bear

What to Know

  • The fall foliage around the high-elevation area is hitting peak color as of Oct. 24, 2022
  • The region is known for oaks and aspen trees, as well as other spectacular specimens
  • Overnight visitors can find lodging deals themed to fall fun; look fo Segway tours, the Pumpkin Smash Zipline, and other adventuresome outings

LATE OCTOBER'S BIG SHOW: We're not in the rhyme-making business, but if we had to create some sort of memory device for people wondering when to see the Golden State's brightest fall leaves, we might say something like "when the witches do show and peaks have snow, the foliage shall go." No, it isn't particularly catchy, and it isn't especially memorize-able, but it works, for when Halloween is near, and witchy decorations are on display, our state's very highest peaks often begin to see snow, meaning the fall foliage show is mostly over at the tippy-toppiest spots. But wait: There are some peak-pretty locations, such as Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains, which traditionally hit their showy stride, foliage-wise, in the days before Halloween. So if you're chasing your mountain foliage as October 2022 comes to an end, here's a timely rhyme: "Big Bear is where you'll find fall flair before the ghosts do scare."

THE "GO NOW!" CALL... went out on Oct. 24, meaning you should make your way to the picturesque spot before the leaves begin to drop. The people behind visiting Big Bear Lake have several tips on how to make the most of a crisp 'n cool adventure, with Fall Color Segway Tours on the list and the Pumpkin Smash Zipline (yep, participants can toss pumpkins at targets while high above the ground). And the Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest? That's oompahing through Sunday, Nov. 5, if you're seeking authentic brats and beer. Want to stay close and spend a few nights, which are now edging down into the oh-so-brisk upper 20s, temperature-wise? Sweet: There are fall-centered lodging specials to peruse. Eager to pore over what's happening with foliage around our lovely state because "Dude, autumn happens here, too"? Check out California Fall Color, the comprehensive fall fandom blog with the snappy slogan.

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