Fall Foliage

Leaf Peepers, the ‘California Fall Color' Blog Is Ready for Autumn

"Dude, autumn happens here, too" is the invaluable blog's colorful call to action each year.


What to Know

  • The seasonal blog, helmed by travel expert John Poimiroo, tracks foliage around the Golden State
  • A regularly updated California map details which areas are nearing peak color
  • Readers regularly submit snapshots and reports from their cities, keeping the blog current from August through December

A FORTNIGHT FROM FALL: There are numerous poetical moments when summer ends and autumn begins, so attempting to find lyrical insights and whimsical words that feel especially painterly? It is tempting to do just that when we've almost reached a time of year that has poetry inside its very soul. So if you want to think of early September as being "a fortnight from fall," which is simply a more velvety way to say that the autumnal equinox is on the horizon, well, we're for it. Summer's final two weeks may be warm around several parts of California, but we're ready to connect with fall's natural poeticism through its cooler temperatures, crisp mornings and evenings, and all of those colorful leaves. To help us? There is the California Fall Color blog, a long-running guide to the golden (and red and orange) leaves that appear, all too briefly, around the glorious Golden State.

THE BLOG, which reminds readers that "Dude, autumn happens here, too" is up and off for 2022, even while much of the state stays summerlike. But perusing recent posts? They're full of good tips for people who love to go leaf-peeping in October and November. One solid recommendation? "Leave No Trace" wherever you may roam this fall. Another major offering of this excellent resource? A map showing what regions are beginning to peak or nearing their peak beauty. Of course, a peak can pass quickly, in a week or two or even a few days. So checking back often? It's a solid idea for the person who'd like to behold the plummy hues of Plumas County or the eye-popping show that regularly fills the chromatic canyons around the Eastern Sierra.

FALL'S FULL SWING: The California Fall Color has a few current stories full of helpful tidbits, such as why deciduous trees drop their leaves. And as September deepens and October begins, the "Go Now!" updates will rev up in excited earnest. The big leaf-peeping weeks do fall around late September through the middle of November, but the blog stays busy well into December, when both San Diego and Los Angeles shine on the foliage-fun front.

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