Let Your Garlicky Art Aspirations Shine

Have a pungent idea for the perfect Gilroy Garlic Festival poster? Put it to paper, pronto.

IF YOU WERE TASKED... with capturing garlic in all of its superbly pungent, highly spicy, perfectly piquant ways, where would you begin? Would you paint a braid of garlic, the kind that many of us have hanging by the kitchen sink? Would you choose to depict a bowl full of bulbs, the sort of brimming bowl that sits atop the counter (perhaps, even, under the braid of garlic, if you can never get enough garlic and you need both a braid and a bowl)? Might you simply sketch a few cloves, instead of full-on bulbs, or would you paint a classic garlic-based dish, like a shrimp scampi or a bagna cauda? Or do you see yourself going the zanier route and creating garlic bulbs that boast eyes and smiles and even clothing? The world is your oyster, or, rather, the Gilroy Garlic Festival poster contest is your bulb, and it is...

ON NOW, for those artists who feel very much drawn to drawing the odoriferous, peel-ready, mince-tastic foodstuff. For the Gilroy Garlic Festival is now less than six months away, and a poster is needed, and if you're the winner, know that the person in first place will receive $500. The deadline to enter is Friday, March 16 at 4 p.m., and Christina Velasquez, chair of the Festival's Retail Committee, and "...a panel of judges will award first place to the artwork that best captures the spirit and essence of the premier summer food festival." Oh golly, is it time for some scampi? Fondue? A roasted head or two, to put you in the right creative mindset? Break out the brushes after you break out the peeler and chopping board, because you might just be the person to create a garlicky masterpiece for the 40th annual Gilroy Garlic Festival, which is on from July 27 through 29, 2018.

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