Living Desert: Baby Jaguar Shower Donation

Contribute to the spotted celeb's "un-shower" and help Coachella Valley schoolkids learn more about these beautiful beasties.

BABY SHOWER INVITATIONS... frequently include helpful gift suggestions, which can steer the invitee to the right aisle and purchases. After all, we don't know if the parents of the bambino-to-be are running low on onesies, or blankies, or stuffed animals, or burping cloths, and we don't want to shower them in duplicates. But if you were to collect your mail, and open an invitation to a shower for a baby jaguar, we'll guess that burping clothes and onesies probably aren't on the list of parental requirements. After all, the sleek, spot-rocking feline has different needs than we humans, and a binkie and bouncy chair aren't among them. But what jaguars do need from we people is understanding, and care, and affection, and a commitment to the animal world at large. That request is perhaps a tad too long to jot inside a baby shower invitation, but The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens in Palm Desert is throwing a tender twist into the whole shower tradition for its young jaguar by not throwing a baby shower. That's right, there is no shower to attend at the expansive animal park, but if you want to...

DONATE ON BEHALF OF BABY JAG, you can, and here's where your donation will go: To "...a fund for students to learn about these elegant but threatened-with-extinction creatures." For every $30 that's collected, a book focused on jaguars, and various conservation efforts, will be donated to a schoolroom in the wider area that The Living Desert calls home (so, yes, the Coachella Valley). Many of the local schoolkids know the animal park well, which is no surprise, since thousands, as in some 36,000, visit each year. So a book about jags? Sure to be super cool. As for the sweet new jaguar's sweet new name? It's Mema, a marvelous moniker, so let the cooing commence.

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