Love for Bodie: Benefit Concert

The ghost town recently weathered some earthquakes, and a harsh winter, but there are ways to show support.

WHEN YOU THINK OF BODIE, you just might picture a glorious August day, where the blue-as-the-sea sky seems to take up more than its fair share of space, and the pictures you're snapping of the 1800s ghost town are as clear as a bell, the sort of bell you might see on an old church. That's when many visitors call upon Bodie State Historic Park, in the finer months of summertime, but surely those visitors have seen the snowy snapshots coming out of the Mono County landmark in recent months. Oh, and we do mean some serious snow: The drifts have piled up to roof lines, or nearly, in many photographs, photos in which the whole ghost town has taken on an especially ghostly aura. The prodigious amount of snowfall wasn't the only news coming out of the remote destination over the winter of 2016-2017; a string of earthquakes near the close of 2016 sent the quiet burg a-rattlin'. What needs to be done following those quakes is being addressed, but fans of the atmospheric park can also help Bodie get back on its feet, via the...

BODIE BENEFIT CONCERT: The Saturday, June 10 show will take place at the Bridgeport Ranch Barn & Terrace in Bridgeport. Forty bucks nabs you a ticket, and the knowledge that you're assisting the Bodie Foundation in "...the preservation of historic Bodie." On the stage? Look for performers Dave Stamey and Jon & Betsy Elliott. Hobnobbing with other Bodie buffs at the concert? That's assured. For more on the foundation, the benefit, and what's going one with one of the planet's most perfectly preserved ghost towns after its eventful winter, check out the Bodie Foundation's online headquarters.

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