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Madonna Inn's Iconic Carpet Inspires a Cozy Robe

The San Luis Obispo hotel's steakhouse carpet is famous among fans; now you can lounge at home in a wrap based on the flowery design.

Madonna Inn

LEGENDARY LANDMARKS? The hotels that have flourished over the decades, all while building a loyal fanbase, welcoming return guests again and again, and serving as an enduring symbol of their city? There are several of them around, and all have something memorable, a feature that sweetly sticks in guests' minds, from a delicious dish to a pretty garden. But the Madonna Inn is one of the few famous places that can truly say it boasts a number of iconic attributes. The themed rooms that find inspiration in everything from prehistoric times to Mardi Gras to the Old West? The Pink Champagne cake? Those glass goblets that arrive in a rainbow of hues? The main building's much-visited men's bathroom and its rock-lined waterfall urinal? It's hard to pick an eye-catching stand-out. But all mavens of the mid-century roadside gem can agree that...

THE CARPET... in Alex Madonna's Gold Rush Steakhouse is unforgettable. A colorful cacophony of pinks, red, flowers, and flourishes, the carpet frequently finds its way onto fans' Instagram feeds (as does much of the vibrant San Luis Obispo hotel). Now, those fans will have something to cozy up in as they update all of those Madonna Inn pictorials: A just-released robe that takes its inspiration from the steakhouse carpet. Made in partnership with pj powerhouse Lazy One, the robe "took over two years from idea to reality" and cost $55. The sizes? There are two: S/M and L/XL. The desire to book a night in your favorite room, all to model your new robe? It'll be strong for people who continue to adore founder Alex Madonna's one-of-a-kind, ever-quirky vision for what a Central Coast stay could be.

NEED YOUR OWN? You can find it under "Signature Apparel" on the Madonna Inn shop site, along with face coverings that also boast carpet inspiration. Who doesn't love hotel carpet? We all do, but the Madonna Inn's super-bright spread of plush luxury stands head and shoulders beneath our feet.

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