Make a Toasty Beverage From Tomales Bay

The team at Nick's Cove & Cottages just shared a warm and spirited recipe for Nick's Cove Eggnog.

Yulia Naumenko

A DECEMBER EVENING... spent by the lapping and lovely waters of Tomales Bay? You may be admiring a brilliant sunset, as you look to the west, or watching a few brave and bundled-up kayakers savoring a final spin around the picturesque body of water. Are you also keeping a keen eye out for any signs of bioluminescence, a natural phenomenon that's much-associated with the beautiful bay? Even if it isn't quite the high season for the stunning sight, you're still full of hope that the dazzling dinoflagellates might give you a show to remember. But whatever is happening out on the surface of all of that shimmer, you likely have a...

WARMING SIP... in your hands, especially if you're relaxing outside of Nick's Cove & Cottages. For the welcoming stay-over spot is known as a place to enjoy both the views and toasty libations, especially when the winter holidays arrive. And if you're dreaming about a future holiday spent at the historic and handsome property, there's a way to add a little flavor to that dream. For the team behind the bayside getaway just shared its recipe for Nick's Cove Eggnog, a spirited drink that includes Gustoso Aged Rum, an egg, cream, vanilla extract, and a spiced winter syrup (the recipe is provided for that, too).

MAKE IT NOW, while planning a down-the-road idyll at the Marin County gem, and take a look at the other charming posts on the Nick's Cove blog. Will the first taste of this eggnog send you straight to the bay's edge, at least in your travel-loving mind? Perhaps. But even the most elaborate of daydreams can't quite replicate those amazing moments of bioluminescence and the Tomales Bay sunsets. So the best bet at this point? Think pleasant thoughts, as you sip, of a one-day-soon trip.

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