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Mammoth Bike Park to Roll Into Late Summer

Shine those handlebars: The 2020 season was just extended by two weeks.

Peter Morning

FINDING A FRESH MILE... to explore from the seat of your bike? It can be a heady experience, and if the sun is warm, and the breeze is cool, and you've got all morning to spin those wheels, the headiness grows. But what if you could find your way around over 80 miles of single track, all while admiring Sierra-style beauty? Then you'd be putting the pedals to work around the Mammoth Bike Park. Billed as "The Premier Bike Park in the U.S.," the destination is a rider's paradise, thanks to "plenty of pavers, berms, jumps and drops." There's a Discovery Zone, too, that's "beginner-friendly," and electric mountain bikes, if you prefer. And the bike park just announced that it is whooshing right to...

SEPT. 20, 2020: That's the new seasonal closing date for the airy and spacious spread, which should give those riders who like a touch of fall's crispness more time and room to roll. The original closing date? It had been Sept. 6, so this is a sizable extension. What's to know before you go? There's a whole page on the park, what trails it offers, and what beginners and pros can expect. But you'll also want to check out the pandemic safety protocols around Mammoth Mountain, and make sure you know just what is happening in terms of keeping people safe.

AND A BIG ALSO? Checking travel advisories, before you head out onto any open road, is just wise during this time. Snow will soon fall at the mountain, as it sometimes can do in late September, but you can still get a ride or two in before then, thanks to the extended dates.

Pictured: Aaron Gwin

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