Mammoth Has a Midweek Deal (and Fresh Snow, Too)

The Sierra ski spot has savings of up to 40% off for schussers hitting the slopes during the middle of a week, through March 2021.

Mammoth Mountain/Peter Morning

What to Know

  • Through March 2021
  • Two-day adult lift ticket is $199 (midweek special)
  • There are midweek lodging deals, too

WINTER SNOW, SPRING BREEZES: What's more of a balm to your mountain-loving, outdoor-obsessed, find-some-space-soul? A snow-swirled storm that adds several inches to your favorite slopes or a sweet-if-chilly spring breeze, the sort of winsome winds that seems to arrive in March and early April? If you find it hard to choose between these two temptations, and, really, no one should ask you to, there's a clear path as to what you might consider doing next: Finding your way to a wide-open spot where you can ski, savor that peak-pretty air, and connect with the wilder world.

MAMMOTH MOUNTAIN... has long been a destination for just those pursuits, and it remains so, with a number of new safety protocols in place. The pine-crisp destination is open, in short, and with a few recent storms, the snow scene is look solid (over a foot fell as the middle point of March arrived). To treat those schussers that love a late-winter, early-spring session the best, and to help them save, too, there's March-nice midweek deal on, one that will help you save money on two-day lift tickets. Adding to the sheer save-a-tude? There are midweek lodging deals, too.

THE ROSTER O' SAVINGS... can be found on this page, as well as other local pursuits, like guided snowmobile adventures. For more under-the-sky outings, point your skis in the direction of the Mammoth site now.

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