Mammoth Mountain

Mammoth Mountain's Big Ski/Bike/Golf Deal Is Back

Can you schuss the slope, roll along the trail, and roam the green over the course of a day? Find out over Memorial Day Weekend.

Dakota Snider/wundervisuals/Image Studios

What to Know

  • May 28-31 (note that your ticket is good for one day only)
  • The deal includes ski slope access, a chance to enjoy the Mammoth Bike Park trails, and 9 holes at the Sierra Star Golf Course
  • $139

COMPLETING THREE TASKS... over the course of a single day? It sounds like the cinchiest of cinches at first glance. After all, you've probably stopped by the market, made your bed, and cooked lunch between the morningtime and the late afternoon before. But what if you faced a different sort of challenge, the sort of can-you-do-it three-pack that includes a trio of fresh-air'd pursuits, the sort of pursuits you'll enjoy in a day? Mammoth Mountain has asked that question over several years, specifically right around the time that Memorial Day Weekend grows close. For it is around the end of May when a few interesting things occur at the Sierra recreational spot: Skiing is often still happening, if the snow is sweet, but the bike trails have also opened. And the putters at the Sierra Star Golf Course? They're in full swing, too.

SO WHAT'S THE INTRIGUING THREE-PACK? No more dallying around the question, we promise. Can you, over the course of a day, visit a slope, a trail, and a green? There's a package made for you, if so: the Mammoth Mountain Ski, Bike & Golf. You'll receive "all-day access to the ski slopes," plus "all-day access to open trails in the Mammoth Bike Park," and, for sure, you'll have the chance to play nine holes at the Sierra Star Golf Course. The golfing window? That starts at 1 in the afternoon, and wraps by 4, so you'll want to plan your biking and/or schussing accordingly. But plan, you should, for your ticket to all three of these peak-perfect pastimes is only good for the day you select. It's truly the one time of the year when both winter and summer meet on the magnificent mountain, meaning that people who adore skiing, biking, and golfing have a chance to bliss-out, back-to-back-to-back, while savoring their favorite ways to unwind.

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