Mammoth Mountain's Opening Early (Thank You, Fall Snow)

Impressive autumn accumulation means that the Sierra ski spot will welcome guests not in November, as originally planned, but late October.

Peter Morning/MMSA

What to Know

  • Opening Day is Oct. 29, 2021 (formerly Nov. 13)
  • A number of Opening Day festivities are on the schedule, including a beer toast
  • Find pre-season savings, including lift deals, on the Mammoth Mountain site

WHEN DOES GRATITUDE... take on a glacial edge? When does fondness grow frosty, in the best sense, and when can a show of appreciation have an icy vibe? When you're happy that winter is making an early cameo, within the middle of autumn, and a famously frosty destination, known for its sublime skiing, can open early. And that form of flakeful, let-it-snow gratitude is swelling right now, thanks to the frosty fact that Mammoth Mountain is kicking off its 2021-2022 season early. And not just a few days early, but a full two weeks ahead of the original Opening Day, which has been Saturday, Nov. 13 for a few months now.

BUT WAIT: You best scratch that one out, with your favorite ice-blue pen, and circle Friday, Oct. 29, because that's when the proverbial gates will be thrown wide, the lifts will move into action, and Woolly will be out to welcome back returning riders, skiers, and all fans o' frost. Why the jump forward in time? Because early October saw a few big dumps in the area, which built up that all-important base (and, yep, more is on the way in the days ahead of Halloween). The Opening Day schedule is live, and it includes plenty to do besides schussing, if you're looking for a few celebratory outdoor activities. Get-moving tunes will start the morning, and complimentary coffee and cocoa, to keep bellies warm.

MORE FROSTY FUN: A countdown, a banner breakthrough (courtesy of the first chair), and a beer toast are also on tap for day #1 on the famous slopes. For all of your Mammoth must-knows, and those get-'em-now pre-season deals, too, click.

Below is a gallery of images from Mammoth Mountain.

Photos: Mammoth Mountain's Opening Early (Thank You, Fall Snow)

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