Mammoth's Ski/Bike/Golf Deal Is Back

Can you enjoy all three pursuits in a matter of hours?

IF YOU'RE HOLDING A PUTTER, and you're out on the green, and you're pondering how to shave a stroke or two off your game, chances are you're a long, long way from ski season. Likewise, if you're wielding a pair of poles, instead of a putter, and you're rocking the goggles and nylon overalls, chances are you're a long, long way from the time of year when golfing is at its best. And as for biking? That, too, might be something you love to do, but if it is too snowy, it isn't going to be easy. But there is a short and wonderful window that opens, each and every year, at Mammoth Mountain, and it involves all three pastimes, including the one that's most associated with winter and the two that boast more of a warm-weather vibe. Understandably, the Ski, Bike & Golf — All in a Day deal has to wait out winter's fiercest squalls, but it can't happen at high summer, either, when the slopes are typically shuttered on the mountain. But...

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND... feels just right for the deal, and, indeed, it shall flower, for a full three days, from May 26 through 28, 2018. What's the upshot? Pay $99 bucks and ski, ride a bike, and hit a golf course, all over a single day (as the name makes so wonderfully clear). On the docket of your big, big day? "All-day access to top-to-bottom skiing/riding," as well as "(a)ll-day access to the open trails in Mammoth Bike Park." As for getting on the green? Head for Sierra Star Golf Course, after 3 in the afternoon, for a round of 9-hole golf. Note that spring hours on now for the skiing/riding end of the deal, as we are at the end of May. That simply means you can probably fit it all in, if you start early and go, go, go. Because, really, how often do you get a chance to keep a foot in winter and summer fun, over the course of a few hours? Schuss/roll/swing for details now.

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