Mendocino County Has Thrifty Tips for Visiting Adventurers

From murals to big trees to Bowling Ball Beach, there are ways to soak in the splendor without spending a bundle.

Eric Lindberg

What to Know

  • Mendocino County is home to forests, beaches, and funky attractions
  • The Visit Mendocino team has suggestions on affordable eats and attractions, including the Point Arena Lighthouse and Bowling Ball Beach
  • Check hours, days, and if advance tickets are required before you go

SPLENDID SIGHTS (AND SAVINGS): Not spending too much while road-tripping hither and yon is always a fine feeling, but you don't want to miss out on the notable pleasures of hither nor the can't-be-missed sights of yon. So figuring out your finances for a quick but quality getaway, while also folding in those spots that possess the particular panache of a place, can take some pre-trip pondering. Good thing that certain spectacular destinations have already gotten the joyful jump on this question, all to help potential visitors figure out what to see without spending all of their funds in one gushy go. Mendocino County definitely qualifies in the "spectacular" category, and the Visit Mendocino team is celebrating the "Thrifty Traveler" on its site, with a page devoted to outings, eateries, and attractions that won't be too spendy.

POINT ARENA... is one suggested stop, a place famous for its lovely lighthouse and beautiful Bowling Ball Beach. Calling upon the legendary light station, which is marking its 152nd anniversary in 2022, is five dollars, and you'll be able to call upon a number of areas around the Pacific-close property, like the Fog Signal Building Museum. Admission is waived on specific days of the year, including Aug. 7, which is National Lighthouse Day. And a short drive to the southeast leads visitors to another by-the-ocean marvel, Bowling Ball Beach. Located at Schooner Gulch State Beach, the peculiar and picturesque stretch features concretions that have the distinct look and shape of the orbs that famously roll down the lanes at your local bowling alley.

GARDENS, PIES, AND SEA GLASS: For more in-the-know suggestions created with "thrifty travelers" in mind, as well as where to find some of the most memorable but not too money-ish experiences around the beautiful area, toodle by the Visit Mendocino site now.

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