Mermaid Month Makes a Splash at Ventura Harbor

Don your favorite tail and find merchandise and eats themed to the sea-based superstars.

MEETING A MERMAID? You never really know when such an enchanted encounter might happen. One day you might be on your surfboard, or in a boat, or just having a bit of a dip in the waves, and suddenly there is a denizen of the ocean, before you, and your head is full of questions and thoughts and more questions. But if you'd like to meet a mermaid on land, the process is a bit simpler: Just hang around Ventura Harbor during March. Well, you may not acquaint yourself with an actual mermaid, as they do tend to be quite busy below the waves, but you will find all sorts of mermaidian activities and events. For the third month of the year is Mermaid Month 'round the harbor, and shops, eateries, and locals are ready to get absolutely mythical about celebrating the tail-boasting, swim-splendid superstars. There's an actual...

MERMAID PARADE... on March 24, 2018, and a meet-and-greet, too, while interactive mermaid encounters are the thing on Saturday, March 10. If you're feeling especially crafty, you can try to find your way out of the Mermaid Curse Escape Room, or you can just nosh away your cares with a waffle cone that's shaped like a fish. Find that nautical-inspired goodie at Coastal Cone Ice Cream, but if waffle cones don't ring your bell, there is the Mystical Mermaid Dole Whip. As for mermaid merch? Look for towels, jewelry, clothing, and more that have out-from-the-ocean flair. For all of the tail-terrific doings, sights, and plans throughout the month, swim over the Visit Ventura site faster than a ripple flows across the sea's surface.

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