Mission Inn Hotel & Spa Has a Sale on ‘Visit Later' Gift Cards

Act fast if you'd like to secure the savings on a future stay at the Riverside landmark.

Mission Inn and Spa

NEW YEAR'S EVE, New Year's Day, and, really, all of the holiday season is about one major and merry things for thousands of glow-seeking Golden Staters: Wowing-out over the millions (and we do mean millions) of lights at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside. It's become a family-fun must-do, each and every year, to stand before the animatronic Victorian carolers and to sip hot cocoa and to wander by ever Noël-nice lighting display at the castle-like landmark. The festive happening, which regularly makes national "Top Ten" lists focused on seasonal sights, was missed by many who didn't call upon the hotel in 2020, which took a more muted approach to its Christmas-ready appearance. But...

BIGGER AND BRIGHTER TIMES... will return to the passageway-pretty, courtyard-elegant spot, and you can bet that its fans are already planning their one-day-soon visits. Are you among the people that can't wait to be back at the historic hotel? Check it out: There's a gift card you can buy, in $25 increments, and you can use it in lots of different ways, from weekend stay-overs to the treatments at Kelly's Spa to dining at Duane's Prime Steak & Seafood. And if you purchase your gift card, or a gift card to give, by Jan. 1, 2021? You'll save 10%. Find out more now, mavens of the Mission Inn, and start thinking of all the lights you'll see again, down the road, at this dazzler of a destination.

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