Mission Inn Is in the Pink for Valentine's Month

Twinkly pink, white, and red lights are lending the Riverside landmark a true look of love.

Mission Inn and Spa

RED PLUS GREEN PLUS GOLD? These are some of the strong, super-celebratory hues that dominate our decorations around Christmastime. And finding those particular colors around the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa in Riverside from the Friday after Thanksgiving through the first week in January? You're going to see a caboodle of Christmas-style cheer while there, thanks the 5,000,000-plus lights adorning the castle-like landmark. And while the Mission Inn has become rightly famous for its annual Festival of Lights, it also keeps a number of lights, and baubles, and decorative details on hand that aren't red, green, and full of yuletide oomph. Rather, these whimsies boast hearts, and lovey lavishes, and plenty of red and pink and white bulbs. For the Mission Inn has celebrated...

VALENTINE'S MONTH... for the past four years, with a full-on, feast-rich, photo-fun celebration called Festa Dell' Amore. Guests are welcome to honor "love and romance" throughout the sweet second month at the hotel via a host of add-on amenities to their stay (think tuxedo chocolate strawberries or roses or cupcakes) or a full-on Valentine's-style package (it's called "I Love You Truly," naturally). And Lover's Lane? That's the place to snap a snuggly snapshot or two, all while surrounded by thousands of pink, red, and white lights, as well as a few hearts and symbols of the season. Are you all about the Christmas colors at the Mission Inn each December? Make a date to enjoy the destination's dazzling spin on the visual hallmarks of Valentine's Month.

BEST OF ALL? You don't have to be there on Feb. 14, if you've already got plans, for Festa Dell' Amore will keep it sweet all February long. And February is a day longer in 2020, making this sparkly festival even brighter.

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