Mmm, A Basq Kitchen-King Harbor Dinner

Octopus and braised short rib are some of the vittles, while the brews include Guava Lava and Blackberry Darkest.

GREAT MINDS MAY THINK ALIKE, but when it comes to great restaurants and great makers of libations, well, there's a whole bunch of general alike-a-tude to acknowledge, too. This shouldn't surprise, for when you're in the supping business, or the pursuit of making stellar suds, you likely share a lot of the same dedication to quality, to craftsmanship, and to pleasing those palates that are forever looking to be tantalized by fabulous flavor (and, yes, the people those palates belong to, too, of course). A Basq Kitchen in Redondo Beach has become known and loved in supping circles, thanks to a host of beautifully made dishes that find their inspirations in San Sebastien, in Spain. And, indeed, it is "LA's only Basque-owned Basque restaurant," lending it further burnishment in the area of top-notch bites that come with real authentic flavor. Likewise, King Harbor Brewing has become known for creating brag-worthy suds that go well beyond anything run-of-the-mill-y. That the two spots paired up for a beer-pairing dinner makes sense, then, and that they're about to enjoy their second meet-up in this realm? 

OH YEAH, it's all happening on Sunday, Feb. 25. The event is at A Basq Kitchen, it is a four-courser, and the duos, sips/eats, will likely tempt anyone who adores both Basque cuisine and fine beers (or, maybe, who'd like to know Basque food better, or the world of craft beer-making). Course one includes a King Harbor Brewing Guava Lava presented alongside potato potáto, piquillo coulis, real aoli, lardons, and octopus. The courses beyond the first? Hoo goodness, think braised short ribs, Marmitako fish stew, a chocolate and fig cake, and all of the tasty trimmings, plus the brews that will best complement them. The cost is $55, the dinners are served family style, and leaving with the sense that you've had some of the finest A Basq Kitchen offerings and thoughtfully brewed King Harbor beers? That's a nice thing to do on a Sunday night, an evening that should be devoted, more often, to eating out, in family-style situations, while trying interesting pairings. It just might set a nice tone for the week ahead, in a highly piquant, foamy-fun way.

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