Mmm, Foodie Theme Nights at The Beverly Hilton

The summertime event is delivering extra delish to the delicious Circa 55.

THEME NIGHTS AND SUMMERTIME... are as perfect together as a firefly and light, popcorn and extra butter, and grass and the ultimate shade of green. We like our movie nights to rock themes, our road trips and adventures, our festivals, and our foods. We can create themes at home, even — surely many of us observe Taco Tuesdays in our own kitchens — but finding a famous hotel that is also in the sunshiny summer swing of things is a true treat. And that's just what the historic and happy-making Beverly Hilton is up to this summer, in its stylish Circa 55 restaurant. Even luxe spots have their light-hearted sides, and Circa 55 absolutely does, all year long, given its creative menus, zingy cocktails, and convivial atmosphere. But the theme nights have brought an extra later of pizzazz to the space, with happenings like...

SUMMER BBQS... each Saturday, out by the hotel's iconic pool. And, for sure: There's live music, because it wouldn't seem like a swingin' summer barbecue without it. Other theme nights include Serata Italiana Mondays, "a culinary tour through Italy with Chef Matthew Morgan, Taco Tuesdays, of course!, a poolside BBQ on Wednesday, Champagne, Chicken, and Waffles on Thursdays, and Friday nights devoted to the dazzlingly flavored duo of Cevice and Caipirinha (which are passion fruit, yum). And if you're curious if those tacos on Tuesdays are two bucks, a traditional price for the delicacy on a Tuesday, you'd be correct. They are. For all the details, check in with Circa 55, or head over to The Beverly Hilton for a dip into this summery supping celebration, one that takes its eats seriously and its themes quite lightly.

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