Palm Springs

Modernism Week Delivers the Desert Cool to Online Fans

Swanky screen-fun meet-ups and ultra-posh tours will fill the February schedule for at-home viewers who adore mid-century design.

Gregg Felsen/Modernism Week

PLANNING AHEAD? You do it regularly, we're just guessing, if you're a maven of everything mid-century. At especially swanky happy hours, you'll match your cocktail's hue to your frock, and you probably painted your teardrop trailer to match your '60s-snazzy convertible. You, in short, like to have a schedule, a roster, a docket, the sort of the line-up that lets you know you'll be able to maximize your fun, your awesome experiences, and any adventure you're about to embark upon. Which is all to say this: It is time to plan your February, for Modernism Week is popping up as an online affair.

THIS IS THE FEBRUARY FROLIC... that draws mid-century fans from all over to Palm Springs, for home tours, design talks, and hobnob-y opportunities to match a martini to whatever you're wearing, for maximum dazzle. Alas: The wintertime gathering isn't happening, as it usually does, around the middle of the second month, but organizers are thinking big. So big that the entire month will be given to mid-century topics, all via the virtual world. So what can you expect to enjoy during the 28 days of design-strong peeks and parties?

MODERNISM WEEK... has offered a peek ahead. "The February Online Experience video programs include guided tours and presentations similar to events that would usually be available during Modernism Week as in-person events, including the popular Modernism Week Signature Home Tour Video Series." And if you missed any of the virtual treats from the October online experience? Some of those will be available, too. Tickets will range from $15 to $45, depending upon the tour or talk you sign up for, but count on seeing plenty of charming and well-known spots around the desert resort cities.

WILL YOU MATCH... your cocktail to your outfit as you watch from home? That's up to you, mid-century maven. But if it helps to up the atmosphere as you enjoy mod offerings, well then, why not?

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