Mono County's Spectacular, Snapshot-Ready Spots

Make your way to Mono Lake, Bodie, or another camera-cool place this summer.

HOW DO YOU REMEMBER A TRIP? Do you keep the experience in your heart, with no photographs snapped? Do you collect souvenirs along the way, pencil holders and mugs and postcards? Do you take a bunch of pictures, and, if so, what do you do with them? Do they stay on your phone, or do you put them in an album, or will you post them to a social media site? There's no one right way to approach recalling a great experience you had on the road, but, if you're like many travelers in 2018, you might just be sharing a few photos, or several dozen at a time, on your chosen social media sites. But where to find some of most picturesque marvels around the Golden State? It so happens that a bundle of them are all located in one marvel of a county: Mono. If you know Mono County, you know it is home to a line-up of natural and human-created wonders that are both unearthly and time-travel-y in their beauty, a beauty that will be on full display now that warmer days are here.

MONO LAKE... is one can't-be-quibbled-with stop, with its astounding towers o' tufa, towers that look like they should be growing on some distant moon. There's Devils Postpile National Monument, with all of those massive and striking basalt columns. And will you feel rather like a ye olde 1800s miner when you saunter through Bodie State Historic Park? We're not saying you should strap a pair of spurs to your boots, but, you know, that might be a solid option. June Lake Loop, Travertine Hot Springs, Hot Creek, and other wonders are road-trip, camera-lens icons of the Eastern Sierra region. It's coming up on the middle of May; have you planned your summertime road trip yet? Real gems, of the more remote variety, exist in California, and they're the kind of places that are good to keep both in your heart, as a memory, and in a photograph, if you love sharing where you go. Inspo? Check out Mono County Tourism's wonder-packed Instagram.

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