Monster Academy at Discovery Cube OC

Discover the hidden, science-nifty talents of some famous monsters, in Santa Ana.

EVERY SCI-FI FILM YOU LOVE, and every eerie one, too, has science behind it: It's just a fact. And that nifty bug you saw on the sidewalk today, the one that seemed to have a million legs? That also rocks plenty of science cred, too, as do snakes and other critters. Some of the most spine-tingling, ultra-thrilling things in this world, in fact, are full of science-a-tude, which makes an annual meet-up of the macabre and the way-cool something that makes a ton of sense. And that annual meet-up happens at the Discovery Cube Orange County, an activity-packed destination that is ready to spend each day in October revealing the cooler science side of not-so-creepy experiments. Are you ready to join the...

MONSTER ACADEMY? It's part of the annual Spooky Science experience at the Santa Ana science destination, and it officially debuts in 2017 on Saturday, Sept. 30. Jump into "hair-raising science lessons from some of the world's most famous monsters," and enjoy activities that put the educational emphasis on STEM. And will you get to call upon Frankenstein's laboratory? You will, so keep your peepers peeled for the Van de Graff generator, and all of the electrostatic amazingness it produces. A talent show will give some of the best-known ghoulies in history the chance to shine in their special areas — with a focus on science, of course — and visitors will have an opportunity to create their very own, pull-it-apart, stretch-it-out slime. But when will the monsters call upon this idea-loving, experiment-neato destination?

ALL OCTOBER LONG, is the answer. And if you have a smaller tot, keep in mind that the Monster Academy also boasts a "day-scare" learning center, which was "...designed exclusively for teaching junior monsters what it takes for school success." That deserves a growl, or a roar, or a bleat, or the celebratory monster sound of your choice.

AND IF YOU'RE IN LOS ANGELES? Give one more growl 'n roar, for the Discovery Cube at 11800 Foothill Boulevard is also hosting its own Monster Academy in 2017.

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