Monterey Bay Aquarium's Reopening Is on Hold

The world-famous destination was to reopen to members on July 9 and non-members on July 13, but fish fans must wait a bit longer.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

PATIENCE? Ocean lovers have it and how. They might even claim that they have more patience than a crab has legs, a shark has gills, and a beach has beautiful shells. Of course, patience can't be quantified quite as easily as gills and shells, but consider how steadfastly a boat of whale watchers will observe the still surface of the water, looking for a ripple, and how quietly someone will sit on the sand awaiting the sunset. Inner stillness, in fact, is a shared trait among those who call themselves buffs of the Big Blue, and that inner stillness is going to come in handy for those people hoping to visit Monterey Bay Aquarium soon. For the beloved home to otters, sardines, and many more critters...

JUST ANNOUNCED A DELAY... in reopening following its coronavirus closure. The aquarium's reopening was coming up on July 9 (for members) and July 13 (for non-members), but the institution revealed on July 6 that a "new public health order effective today" would mean those dates would be pushed back. No prospective dates were given with the announcement, but you can certainly be fin, er, in on the latest developments by following the Monterey Bay Aquarium social pages. In the meantime, the aquarium has suggested ways to keep connected from home, like checking out the array of online courses offered by the esteemed aquarium.

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