Monterey Mavens, Share Your Old Fisherman's Wharf Photos

The landmark is celebrating its 175th birthday with a contest. The prizes? Sweet: Wharf Dollars are up for grabs.


SPLITTING A PLATE... of savory Monterey Bay Sardines with your sister? Sharing an order of still-hot crab cakes with your best friend? Lingering at sunset near the water, all to see if you can spot any otters? Or picking up some fudge to devour back at your hotel room? Many Californians can name one or two or a dozen great memories from a day spent at Old Fisherman's Wharf, that briny-beautiful Monterey landmark found not far from Cannery Row. It has handsomely weathered the decades, and served as a bustling centerpiece of the ocean-close town in three different centuries. To honor its longevity, and to create a little closeness of community during the virtual days of late 2020, the team behind the wharf is throwing a..

WHARF BIRTHDAY PHOTO CONTEST... in honor of its 175th anniversary. "Everyone is invited to submit one photo of yourself, your family, a friend or a special memory you had on Old Fisherman’s Wharf, including on any of our boat trips," is the call to action, so start digging through those files now. Send your snapshot to by Oct. 31, and do include your name, address, email, a phone number, as well as a quick, single-sentence explanation of the photograph (as well as, yes, the year the photo was taken). The prizes? Wharf Dollars, which can be used at merchants around the destination, will go to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

IF YOU'RE A WINNER, where exactly will you spend your Wharf Dollars? Will you go with postcards, a t-shirt, or the fudge you still daydream about? Old Fisherman's Wharf, long a cornerstone of Monterey industry, tourism, and family fun, will be awaiting your return, whenever that trip back may happen.

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