Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco's Still Weeks from Melting

The colorful experience will keep on scoopin' through Feb. 26, 2018.

WHEN DOES ICE CREAM MELT? It all depends on whether you're standing outside on a scorcher of a day or if the treat in question is in a refrigerator or adjacent to a block of ice in a chilly room. "Soon" or "nearly instantly" are solid answers for the scorching afternoon, while "in awhile" might work for the fridge, and "maybe never" if the ice and chilly room are especially frosty. But when does a Museum of Ice Cream melt? That can be a slightly trickier question, given that a Museum of Ice Cream is a building, filled with rooms, and those rooms are filled with all sorts of fanciful decorations that pay homage to treats, sweets, and the fun life (and social media in its many expressions, too). Buildings don't melt as a rule, true enough, but pop-up museums do go after a time. It happened in Los Angeles, where the Museum of Ice Cream bid the Arts District adieu after a much-in-demand run that lasted from April 2017 right through to the close of the year, or nearly, after a number of extensions. Similar extensions are now happening in...

SAN FRANCISCO, where a popular outlet of the started-in-NYC experience is currently holding colorful court. The Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco just announced its third extension, with new tickets available on Tuesday, Jan. 8. The final day of the whole enchilada, er, banana sundae, as of this typing? Monday, Feb. 26 is what the calendar says. Now any Southern California who saw the LA version of the photo-ready experience might ask if the San Francisco museum is a repeat, rooms-wise. It is not, as there are different spaces, and different set-ups, and different diversions throughout (a gold-horn'd unicorn, a table lined with whipped cream canisters, floating oversized cherries), though that famous sprinkles pool is definitely on the map.

A TICKET? It's $38. Another place that also has a Museum of Ice Cream at the moment? Miami. Where it'll go next? Somewhere, surely, as sure as ice cream melts on a scorching summer day.

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