Music Fans, A Love Letter From the Desert Is Here

Joshua Tree Music Festival presents "From the Desert with Love," a three-day online event full of tunes, mindfulness, and uplifting vibes.


THE DESERT IN AUTUMN? It's both bewitching and beautiful, it's true. It brims with crisp mornings, mellow afternoons, and shadows that seem to grow especially long as night, and the critters of night, arrives. The mysteries are many in such a place, as are opportunities for deep discovery, unabashed joy, and come-together-ness. Joshua Tree Music Festival has been an event that has long embraced those vibes, and given music fans a reason to celebrate over an autumn-amazing weekend. That weekend is still happening in 2020, but from afar, for everything will be virtual during the event's Oct. 23-25 run. The name of this go-around? "From the Desert with Love," a moving missive that correctly states that music continues to connect us and deliver strong emotions.

HOW TO WATCH? You can catch "three nights of music sets" from your own home, tune-tastic shows that were filmed around the Joshua Tree area in recent days. Each morning at 9 o'clock? Get comfy for a serene session devoted to mindfulness. And there'll be some "silly" moments along the way, reflecting the sunny nature of the event. Here's something sunny, too: You’ll be able to tip the artists and presenters via the tip button during the streams," says the site. "100% of tip money goes to them! We have prizes including merch and music for the top 10 tippers and everyone who tips over $200 over the course of the event goes into the draw for a two-night stay at CasaGogo!"

FOR LOTS MORE INFO... on catching some great artists, tipping them, the morning mindfulness gatherings, and more, visit the festival site now. Has it been too long since you've visited the desert? The desert misses you, too. Get excited, though: The 2021 dates for the festival are live at the JTMF HQ.

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