National Carousel Day at Balboa Park Carousel

Free rides, face painting, and tunes mark the blithe-of-heart event.

MANY DELIGHTFUL OCCASIONS... are on the calendar, and the bulk of them can be easily celebrated at home, without the breaking of sweat or fussing or mussing or fretting over the whole affair. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? You probably have one in the pantry. National Fresh Breath Day? To the toothpaste tube you go. But when it comes to the special day on July 25, marking the holiday at home becomes a mite trickier. Of course, we don't want to assume, because you might have a full-scale carousel in your backyard, but if you do not, observing National Carousel Day probably involves you making your way to a carousel. They're sometimes found in parks, both of the green assortment and inside theme parks, and some of our piers and boardwalks boast the mane-amazing rides, too. And one of the 1910-iest in all of the Golden State happens to spin, spin, spin, with music and merriment, at Balboa Park in San Diego. Indeed, we speak of the...

BALBOA PARK CAROUSEL, that horsey hot spot that is now owned by Friends of Balboa Park. The organization is honoring the Tuesday, July 25 holiday with some special goings-on, like free rides — wheeee! — and kidly tunes and face-painting, too. The pay-nothing carousel rides will clip-clop from 11 a.m. to 5:30 in the evening on July 25, while dignitaries will attend to help Friends of Balboa Park kick off a capital campaign, a campaign that will help the handsome carousel in numerous ways, including an upcoming "comprehensive restoration effort." Read more about the Friends, the July 25 holiday, and one of the sweetest, old-timey, still-cheering-everyone-iest attractions in San Diego, and attend if you can (or, at the very least, make a date to ride the photo-ready, time-machine-y carousel, and its superb seven-minute-long ride, soon).

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