Night Lovers, Can You ‘Capture the Dark'?

The International Dark Sky Association contest is looking for your spectacular after-dark photographs.

ian mcdonnell

THE MOON, ONLY A BIT BLURRY? That star overhead, which might be a planet but is probably definitely a star? The passing of dark clouds on a low-of-light night? Many nature mavens have turned their cameras up, or to the horizon, or in the direction of our planet's lovely lunar satellite, only to find what they later see on screen isn't quite what they initially connected with before snapping the picture. And yet? There are some night-deep images that take us to a different level of understanding and appreciation, one that can make even the constellations seem closer. If you've got such a snapshot in your personal stash, the one that includes the most marvelous pictures you've taken, consider entering it, by May 25 at 12 p.m. PDT in the...

CAPTURE THE DARK... contest from the International Dark Sky Association. The entry fee? There is none. Multiple categories? There are five in all, including a category solely devoted to those snapshots that were achieved when the snapshot taker was visiting an International Dark Sky Place (of which our glorious state has a few, including the ethereal Anza-Borrego Desert State Park). There are 130 in all, at points around the globe, a fact that might inspire anyone keeping a bucket list of glorious night-dark places to call upon. And if your photo is chosen as a winner? Several swell things shall be yours, including a place in the 2021 International Dark Sky Association calendar. Read more, night lovers, and comb through those fabulous photos now.

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