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Nominate a Healthcare Hero for a Relaxing Getaway

Classic Hotels & Resorts will treat 250 randomly selected health workers to a two-night stay in Carmel-by-the-Sea, Laguna Beach, or another spot.

La Playa Carmel

SAYING "THANK YOU"... to those who are leading the response to COVID-19 in such brave and bold fashion? People around the country have sent homemade meals, kid-cute artwork, and notes of gratitude to our hospitals and medical centers, all to show how much these staffs, and all they do, mean to us. In short? We want to reach out and show we care, in all the ways. And here's a wonderful way to do just that, while also possibly providing a peaceful weekend away, down the road, for a healthcare worker you know and love: Classic Resorts & Hotels will give away giveaways to some 250 "randomly selected" Healthcare Heroes.

HOW IT ALL WORKS? You'll want to nominate a health worker by May 15. Share a photograph or video, if you have one, and let the hospitality company know why this healthcare pro's story has moved you. You can submit through Facebook and Instagram, but be sure to tag your story with #hospitality4healthcareheroes. Some "... 500 room nights will be distributed to Healthcare Heroes in 2-night packages to the CH&R hotel of their choice in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Laguna Beach or Carmel-by-the-Sea," meaning your chosen hero, if they are selected, will be able to call upon the desert or the beach for their wind-down, find-solitude, connect-with-peace weekend.

A TRIP TO ANTICIPATE? That's pretty sweet, and the gratitude element, knowing that someone took the time to nominate you, is strong. Share your favorite Healthcare Hero's story now, to show you care. And "care"? It's at the reciprocal heart of this moment. "We are acutely aware that it is no coincidence that ‘hospital’ and ‘hospitality’ share the same root. Nurses and doctors are caring for us in these dark hours, and we will be honored to help care for them in return," observed CH&R President John Grossman. Find out more now on the Hospitality 4 Healthcare Heroes getaway giveway.

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