Now Open: Sculpture in the Garden

Spy colorful works throughout the San Diego Botanic Garden, through April 2018.

COMING ACROSS A COLORFUL BUD... inside an expansive garden? It happens, especially if you keep your eyes attuned to the shrubs, trees, and beds that line whatever walkway you're strolling down. You can also expect to see a number of interest leaves, and twisty branches, and the other details and touches found within a nature-plentiful spot. What you don't always encounter is art, at least art made by human hands. Gardens are given over to bushes, succulents, and flowers, mostly, but sometimes, especially when summer arrives, distinctive artworks have a way of blooming in a garden, at least temporarily. That's what's happening right now at the San Diego Botanic Garden, a 37-acre Encinitas-based property known for a number of distinctive plots, from the Bamboo Garden to the Canary Islands Garden. The garden invited 31 from-the-area artists to submit a piece, one that can weather the outdoors and live among the leafy things, for...

SCULPTURE IN THE GARDEN: The annual presentation just opened, and it will run through April 2018. There's no additional fee to see it — just your garden admission — and there are 49 works in all, which means you can make a full day of finding, and admiring, each one. Are they for sale? Yes, they are. Is there a map that will lead you to each one? There is, which is so very helpful. What kind of art should you expect? "Ranging from the whimsical to the abstract, each piece has been carefully placed to help guest visualize these stunning works of art in their own gardens," reads a statement on the SDBG site. If the interplay between coleus and creativity intrigues you, and shrubbery and sculpture, wend your way through the multi-garden expanse before the end of April next year.

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