Oak Glen: Apple Season Opens

The crispest, juiciest time of the year arrives in the orchard-laden area.

DO YOU REQUIRE PIE, the kind of pie that comes with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, and cinnamon inside, and large hunks of soft, cooked-long, oh-so-toothsome apples drizzling out? Oak Glen understands. Do you need cider doughnuts, the sort of pastries that can be eating straight from a sugar-dusted bag, the kind of treat that makes you feel like everything is going to work out and your worries are for naught? Again, Oak Glen knows how you're feeling. And should you require apple butter, or apple cake, or other smile-inducing sweets made with the pretty pomme, can you turn to Oak Glen and find satisfaction? The town won't let you down. It's one of the apple-liest burgs in all of the Golden State, an orchard-nice village that not only welcomes visitors who want to pick apples, but who want to enjoy a drive out for a hearty lunch followed by apple pie a la mode. And Oak Glen's most apple-intensive stretch is here, with the start of...

APPLE SEASON: Rejoice, pie people, for Saturday, Sept. 2 is when it all gets especially gooey, and spicy, and nutmeggy, and nummy 'round the Yucaipa-close neck o' the woods. If picking your own apples, and heading for home with a bag is your bag, that's a possibility, as is pressing your own cider. Want to coo over animals? That's happening, as are other nostalgic pursuits and activities we often associate with autumn. True, it is still warm out (read: hot as blazes) as we head into September, but if you need some fall amazingness soon, best get to Oak Glen for some good-to-the-core cuteness. Apple Season in Oak Glen is on through Sunday, Nov. 26.

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