Santa Barbara

Orchids to Bewitch at Famous Flower Show

It's the 75th Santa Barbara International Orchid Show, and an array of spectacular specimens will be on display, and, yes, for sale, too.

Patricia Marroquin

WILDFLOWERS, and where to find them, is a topic that's at the top of mind for many people as we turn the calendar page to March. For it is in March, at least around numerous pockets of the Golden State, when all sorts of flowers pop up in arid areas and ocean-close valleys alike. But there is a wild flower that also steals the March spotlight, and while it isn't actually a local wildflower, it is "wild" in the sense that it can take on some shapes, hues, and forms that seem straight from the mind of a fantasy novelist. It's the orchid, arguably the wildest of all flowers, an icon that can instantly bewitch most onlookers. And many ready-to-be-bewitched onlookers will call upon...

THE AMERICAN RIVIERA... from March 13-15, 2020, when the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show again opens its proverbial petals. As for actual petals seen around the large-scale spectacular, which is celebrating 75 years in 2020? Orchid specialists from all over will be there, with some of their prettiest and, yes, most peculiar orchids in tow. And don't we love the truly offbeat blossoms when it comes to our orchid obsessions? Yes, we really do. The Diamond Jubilee celebration will include several exhibitors who can help you with growing orchids, and orchid societies, too (Malibu Orchid Society and the Santa Barbara Orchid Library will both be there).

DO YOU SIMPLY WANT TO SWOON? Or are you looking to launch your own orchid hothouse, room, or shelf? Find your orchid inspiration at the Earl Warren Showgrounds near the middle of flowery March, when some of the wildest flowers around will catch the eye as elegant orchids capture our imagination.

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