Laguna Beach

Pageant Lovers, You Can Get Early Tickets to the 2022 Show

Become a member of the Festival of Arts and purchase your ticket starting Oct. 1 (rather than near the end of the year).

Pageant of the Masters

What to Know

  • Become a Festival of Arts member for a chance to purchase your Pageant of the Masters ticket early, starting on Oct. 1
  • The world-famous pageant takes place in Laguna Beach; the 2022 extravaganza runs from July 7 to September 2
  • Memberships start at $50; Pageant tickets are additional

SUMMER DREAMING: If you're familiar with the grand spectacle that takes the stage each summer in Laguna Beach, and then stands very, very still, then you know that halting movement is of paramount importance. After all, the talented players chosen to bring the paintings and sculptures featured in the annual Pageants of the Masters to life have to convincingly and charmingly embody the figures seen in artworks. Those figures? They're not on the move, so the humans stepping into their winsome watercolor worlds must also remain motionless, to further the magic. But sometimes, when it comes to this popular pageant, an outdoor extravaganza that will soon celebrate its 90th anniversary? Movement is key. Which means this: When the opportunity arises, you'll want to seize the sweet chance to buy early tickets.

HERE'S THE DEAL: If you become a member of the Festival of Arts by Sept. 30, 2021, you'll be able to secure your admission to the 2022 Pageant of the Masters weeks ahead of the general public. As any Pageant devotee knows, tickets for the close-up seats, the ones near the stage, do fly, so getting first dibs can be fabulous. But there's a give-back element, too: By becoming a member of this venerable festival, you'll be supporting this important celebration, as well as the artists who present their pieces there. And there are nifty perks to being a Festival member: There's a behind-the-scenes day (yep, you can bring a guest), a digital newsletter, insider-y invites, and more.

THE COST? Memberships start at $50, while Pageant of the Masters tickets will be available for an additional fee. Tickets go on sale to members on Oct. 1, and the general public in December. More info? Don't stand still: It's all right here. Oh yes, and the 2022 Pageant of the Masters already has its intriguing theme: It's "Wonderful World," meaning audience members can expect "... a kaleidoscope of international art spotlighting distant lands, cultural celebrations and fascinating moments in world history."

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