Party on for the Redwoods and Raise Funds for the Future

"Take Me to the Trees" is a virtual celebration, so join in from wherever you are and show support for Save the Redwoods League. Extra sweet: It's free to join.

Kevin Thrash

A REDWOODS ADVENTURE? It's going to take some planning, some deciding, some list-making, and some get-up-and-go, no doubt. You'll want to determine which shoes you'll wear, what snacks you'll pack, and the trails that have been tempting you for years (or, yes, if you'll return to a hike you know well and adore). But what if you could be with these sky-touching superstars without packing the snacks, digging out your lucky shoes, or even changing out of your comfies? That can happen on...

SATURDAY, OCT. 17, thanks to a fundraiser helmed by Save the Redwoods League. The hard-working group is at the mindful forefront of several redwoods-related projects, and the Take Me to the Trees celebration helps to provide support to their important and future-forward efforts. And the 2020 party? It's a virtual one, coming to screens everywhere, and while you won't actually be in a forest, you'll be with other forest fans in songful spirit. And the song-sweet part? It'll be provided by artists like Cam, who has paid touching tribute to the redwoods in her work, and Michael Franti, who will deliver a delightful, get-moving mood to a Virtual Dance Party. A live auction, and a chance to show off your redwoods-based trivia skills, are both part of the early evening event.

AS FOR THE COST TO JOIN? You can register for free. Just be sure to tune in at 5 p.m. Pacific on Oct. 17 for this "... virtual road trip across the redwood range from the safety and comfort of your own home." As for where donations will flow? The fundraiser "... provides vital funding and support to enhance visitor experiences in California’s redwood parks and preserves." Think of that as you plan what you'll pack, shoes and snacks and all, for a down-the-road redwoods weekend.

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