PAWmicon Is Going Planet-wide in 2020

The Helen Woodward Animal Center Fundraiser, a summertime staple in San Diego, is inviting anyone, regardless of location, to participate.

Helen Woodward Animal Center

SO YOU HAVE A CUTE CANINE COSTUME, an outfit that has a tiny cape, and some shiny lettering, and a general look that says that the wearer of this get-up can probably save the world? Then you, dear dog fan, surely love comics, superheroes, and your beloved pooch, too. There are a lot of people in this world that tick all of those boxes, but not everyone lives in, or near, San Diego. Which means that they must look on, from afar, as the adorable pups that attend PAWmicon each year show off their superheroic style before an adoring crowd, just days ahead of Comic-Con International. What is PAWmicon? It's a fundraiser, and fun-raiser, for the...

HELEN WOODWARD ANIMAL CENTER... in Rancho Santa Fe. And to continue this canine-cool tradition, even as Comic-Con goes virtual and other events are canceled, the organization is taking its dress-up to-do online, meaning anyone can join in. The "Cosplay for a Cause" is woofing on July 7-8, and if you want to join? Your plate will be packed. There's a full-on "... schedule of on-line family-friendly events celebrating our canine and feline sidekicks," as well as "... on-line panel discussions and interviews; access to the on-line PAWmicon vendor village; on-line book readings for kids with Center critters," and several other hound-happy happenings.

THE PAWSPLAY PHOTO CONTEST... is where you'll enter your tail-wagging tyke in one of four festive categories: Superheroes, Super Villains, Pop Culture Pups, and Dynamic Duos (that's the one where you can creatively dress, as a team, with your dog). That requires registration, as does a number of the events listed above. And your registration fee? You guessed it: It will help animals in need, which the center cares for in a variety of ways. So, superhero-loving dog people, are you ready to join this now-famous festivity, from wherever you happen to be? It's going virtual, which is basically another way of saying that it is leaping tall buildings, all over, to connect canine fans across the world.

PAWMICON... is presented in partnership with the Comic-Con Museum in Balboa Park, opening in 2021. Blue Buffalo is behind the bash, and Petco is a supporter, too.

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