Pet Day on the Bay: Hounds at Sea

Canines play captain, at least via costumes, at this annual San Diego fundraiser.

YOUR LANDLUBBER OF A LASSIE... may have never met an octopus, nor seen a faraway island, nor be able to discern the port from the starboard side of a ship (though, to be honest, most dogs are so intelligent that they likely know the answer to that age-old question). Even if your pooch has stayed on terra firma for his whole happy, ball-catching, afternoon-snoozing life, he surely would savor a few briny breezes and the general air of helping animals in need, even if he doesn't expressly know that's the situation. (Again, dogs, intelligent, picking up on signs, and so forth.) If your baby barker is the kind of adventurer who might dig a briny breeze and an hour on a Hornblower boat out on San Diego Bay, then best find her a tiny captain's hat, to fit her pug- or spaniel-sized noggin, and plan to go sailing with your BFF on...

SATURDAY, APRIL 29: It's the 17th annual Pet Day on the Bay — Towel & Blanket Drive, a popular fundraiser that lends some love to the Helen Woodward Animal Center of Rancho Santa Fe. It's so popular that "a fourth cruise has been added" in 2017, meaning you'll have a quartet of times to choose from (9:30 a.m., 11:15 a.m., 1 p.m., and 2:45 p.m.). A human adult ticket is $25, but your canine boards for free. Chopper the Biker Dog will cameo, and there will be a snack bar with adult sips, snacks, and such. As for snapping photos... If your lil' one is dressed in her ocean-ready outfit, however you might interpret that, how will you not return home with a bevy of sweet snapshots? It's an offbeat and scenic place to capture your canine on film (and take a great photo together, with the water and skyline all around). Info? Doggie paddle over here for the whole scoop.

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