Pick fruit, sip cider during Oak Glen's juiciest stretch (yep, it's Apple Season)

The sweet favorites will be in full burst, as will the picking scene, in the weeks to come, but some places are already celebrating.


What to Know

  • Apple Season in Oak Glen traditionally kicks off as August ends and September begins
  • The San Bernardino County burg, which sits at a higher elevation, is synonymous with the succulent fruit, as well as fall color later in the season
  • Some orchards may be open but check ahead; quaint restaurants and shops will also feature apple-themed eats and items

TURNING THE CALENDAR PAGE... from August to September? If you've got a paper tracker, the kind that is thumbtacked to the kitchen wall, then you know you'll probably trade a photo full of sunshine (a timeless symbol of August) for pictures of barrels or trees bursting with apples, a sight that has become as September-y as sharpened pencils and book bags. Finding these pretty pommes in real life isn't an issue — just visit a farmers market or browse a grocer's produce aisle — but if you want to bask in ultimate apple-a-tude, there really are a few places to go, at least around the Golden State. Oak Glen, that San Bernardino County hamlet, is known for its colorful foliage as the mellow days of November arrive, and for the occasional picturesque snowfall, too. But when September is on the doorstep?

IT'S APPLE SEASON, a munchy, multi-week observation that includes opportunities to pick apples at orchards, to shop for jams and pies, and to visit a local restaurant to get your fill of all sorts of feasty things, from stewed apples to apple-centered snacks. Apple Annie's Bakery & Restaurant is a longtime lunch favorite for daytrippers, but do check the hours before you go (some local businesses may be observing open hours closer to the weekends). And Snow-Line Orchards and Winery? Dougnut devotees call upon this charming stop for mini versions of their favorite confection, and, yep, these goodies possess cider panache. For more on Oak Glen's Apple Season offerings, swing by this site and check out all that the hill-lovely area has in the way of tart and tasty treats, to-dos, and more.

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