Plum Festival: Juicy Old World Fun

The Huntington Beach destination is the place for plum cake and plum crepes.

IF THOUGHTS OF OLD WORLD... make you instantly start rhapsodizing about oompah music and schnitzels and Dachshund races and stein-holding contests, well, that's understandable. It is one of the accordion-awesome, lederhosen-happy centers of Oktoberfest action around Southern California, and, as that action lasts over several summer and fall weekends, it is a party that sticks in a lot of people's minds. But just before Oktoberfest breaks out the brats and sauerkraut, there's another foodie event that has little to do with sizzling meats and tangy sides: It's the Plum Festival. No, let's just clear this up right away: You will not, repeat, not head for the Huntington Beach destination on the afternoon of Sunday, Aug. 20 only to find yourself handed a plum to munch on, no siree. Rather, plums are the stars of a few delectable sweets, from plum cakes to plum crepes, so yum to all that.

THE FESTIVAL IS FREE, but, like pretty much every food-focused to-do ever, you'll want to arrive with money to buy whatever bites are being sold, lest you miss out. It won't all be dessert-like, though — BBQ is also on the menu — but having a hankering for the purple-tinged stone fruit is probably a great idea. There shall be carnival games, and a brassy band that may rev of your Oktoberfest anticipation, and Berliners, if your sweet-toothian tastes lean to the doughnut side of things. And, check it out: There WILL be Dachshund Races on Aug. 20 at Old World German Restaurant and Beer Garden, dispelling the notion that these adorable showdowns are only show up during Oktoberfest. Are you plummy over plums? Read more about the fest for your favorite fruit now.

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