Pop by a Gold Country Train for Flower-Filled Splendor

The Wildflower Trains are returning to Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in April.

Bee and Poppy
Brian Rash-Zeigler

What to Know

  • Railtown 1897 State Historic Park
  • The Wildflower Trains will return on April 10
  • Jamestown

FINDING PEACE AMONG THE PETALS? There are so many ways to do just that, from legging it around a valley that's vibrant with goldenrod, to making your way to a desert canyon lush with cholla and barrel cactus blooms, to sitting and staring at a spectacular spread of ice plants along an ocean-close bluff. But for many Californians, an April adventure that's built around blossoms is best served by tracks, a storied train, and a slice of Gold Country that hasn't changed all that much over the decades.

JAMESTOWN... is the place to find such springtime sights, and the beloved Wildflower Trains are set to return to Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in the coming weeks. The beautiful roundtrip, which lasts around an hour, covers six serene miles of nature-rich countryside, so count on enjoying chaparral-dotted hills, handsome trees, and maybe a glimpse of the wildlife. You may spy all sorts of regional wildflowers as well, from the always-obsessed-over (and rightly so) California poppy to goldfields, an aptly named specimen for the area you're visiting. You'll have a checklist to help you keep a keen eye out, and a booklet, too, if you need help with your flower 411. Oh yes, and this is lovely: You can count on "local naturalist experts and/or interpretive staff" to answer any questions you have.

APRIL 10... is when the 2021 Wildflower Trains begin to choo-choo. Read about safety considerations and booking your tickets at the Railtown 1897 site, as well as what you and your flower-loving family can expect from the classic excursion deep into the ye olde California countryside.

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