‘Pups Everywhere': Elephant Seal Birthing Season Arrives

Babies are bouncing at the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery this January; check out a live cam and see the sweetness from afar.


THAT THRILLING SOUND? The one that you can hear even before you reach the viewing platform at the Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery? It's the barking and roaring of a certain pinniped, the beautiful beastie that you're there to admire. But then, the northern elephant seal has so many memorable qualities and distinctions, from the beautiful proboscises of the adult males to how the animals shimmy and loll around the sand. Deciding what you love best about these colossal, blubber-laden, seafaring superstars? Yep: It can take some real thinking. But certainly the opportunity to see these...

MARVELOUS AND MAMMOTH MAMMALS... give birth each January at a remote beach on the Central Coast has to be one of those nature-amazing memories you'll never forget. And, oh happy day: Birthing season at the rookery, which is not far from Hearst Castle, has begun. And, as they kindly do each year, Friends of the Elephant Seal, an organization that works on behalf of the northern elephant seals of San Simeon, has been providing fascinating updates as to what's happening in the colony. But how to check out the latest snapshots of mothers and babies? The organization's Facebook page is flush with new photographs. The big headline? There are "... pups everywhere!" as the first week of 2021 ends, and that sweet sight will continue for a few more weeks.

YOU CAN LEARN MORE... about the birthing of these large seals, and how moms and pups interact during their first days together, on this page. Eager for a happening-right-now view of the rookery? Find a live look here. And if you're dreaming of venturing along the coast to see these magnificent beasties, one day down the road, you'll want to read up on what you should know before you go. Each month at the protected destination brings something new, so you'll want to time your stop-by to what you'd like to see. But babies are bringing us joy as the year begins, so make time to coo and sigh over these whiskery, not-so-wee littles and the famous rookery where they were born.

Pictured: A mother and baby seen together in a previous year at Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery.

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