Redwoods Adventure

Rainforest Weekends Open at Roaring Camp

It's a forest-y journey that's as treeful as adventurous outings come.

Roaring Camp Railroad

FUN TIMES IN THE FOREST? Such a notion may, at first glance, seem like a summery pastime, the sort of things you do and pursue when the sun is intense and the days are especially long. And yet one of the most beautiful excursions in the Golden State happens to take place in the wintertime, on weekends from January to March, and it involves a picturesque, straight-out-of-the-past train, too. It's the Roaring Camp Railroad we're referring to, here, and the Felton-based attraction's popular Rainforest Weekends.

THOSE INTERESTING OUTINGS... begin with the new year, on Jan. 4, 2020, which means you'll be able to meet a couple of your resolutions in one fell, or rather swell, swoop. Being with nature? That's high up there for many resolution makers. Traveling more? You'll need to get to the Santa Cruz area to board the steam train. Loving trees? That may not be on your "promises to keep in 2020" list, but, let's be real, it should be on everyone's resolution roster, always. You'll learn about the redwoods you're chugga-chugga-ing by on this trip, and dig deeper into their fascinating ecosystems, too.

AN ADULT TICKET? It's $33, while a child is $24 (ages 2 to 12). You'll want to dress warmly, or at least in layers, given the season, and due to the fact that the redwoods can sometimes be a bit damp, in the most delightful sense. Ready to toodle, by train, into a true storybook forest, but one that is right here in the Golden State? Toot toot.

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