Relive the Magic of Bigfoot Daze

The 2020 Willow Creek festival was canceled, but you can peruse past parties and find inspo for 2021.


EATING SWEETS... and talking Sasquatch? It's a singular pleasure of summertime found around wonderful Willow Creek. Of course, you can pursue that particular passion whatever season it is, but when it is summer, specifically the later part of the warmest stretch of the year, the Northern California town throws quite the furry festival. It's Bigfoot Daze, a quirky bash that includes all manner of Bigfootiana, and other community-type happenings, too, like an Ice Cream Social (that's where you'll dig into something gooey and discuss all things Bigfoot). A parade is a centerpiece of the day, and a Bigfoot Call contest is on the schedule, too, in addition to a logging competition, a car show, and more. But alas:

BIGFOOT IS STAYING HOME, or rather deep inside his beloved woods, in 2020. The offbeat event, which had been scheduled to stomp through Downtown Willow Creek on Sept. 5, has been canceled due to the pandemic. If you've spent several months working on your Bigfoot-themed sweatshirt, and your Bigfoot calling prowess, too, be not blue: You can revisit photos and memories of years gone by, all to get you stoked for the 2021 affair. Find loads of lively snapshots on the Bigfoot Daze Facebook page, and find inspiration for what you'll wear next year. For, hurrah and hooray, the date is already up for the 2021 Bigfoot festivities:

SEPT. 4, 2021: That's just over a year away, so better burnish all of your Sasquatchian talents while you have the time now. Bigfoot buffs? Good luck, and we'll see you in Willow Creek in just over twelve months, a period of time that isn't long at all to a certain timeless, forest-dwelling icon.

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