Reservations Are Opening for Monterey Bay Aquarium

The beloved home of otters, sardines, and gill-tastic superstars aplenty reopens on May 15, but online reservations will launch sooner.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

What to Know

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium reopens to the general public on May 15
  • Online reservations open on May 5 at 9 a.m.
  • Review all safety guidelines before purchasing your tickets

SCHEDULING A SARDINE? That's just not going to work, flat-out, in any shape or form. The tiny fish has to make its own way, during its own day, and telling it where to go and what to do would be an errand in frustration. Optimizing an otter's time? Likewise, you'll want to rethink this one. For sure, you might put out frozen treats, or some stimulating toys, for these amazing mammals, but ultimately they're going to do whatever it is they'd like to do, on their own time. But something important to remember: When it comes to admiring the ocean's amazing animals, we humans do need to follow a schedule, and make plans, and create a calendar, all so we can connect with the critters we love and miss. And the...

MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM... is asking its guests to do just that, starting on Wednesday, May 5. For while the acclaimed Cannery Row destination officially reopens to the general public on May 15, visitors will want to start reserving their spots well ahead of that date. And something that is as sure as a shark has gills? Those spots to visit will fill up, following a multi-month closure due to the pandemic. Which leads us to this final bit of advice: You'll want to review all of the safety guidelines before making your reservation, and get familiar with what to expect when you return. Good news: You can do so on the Welcome Back page now. As for the beasties you'll behold once you're back? Jellies, giant clams, octopuses, and the magnificent Open Sea area are some of the treasures found in this snug-to-the-Pacific wonderland, or wondersea, rather.

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